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When interviewing she is fearless. However, she is gentle and humble which makes for a great interview. She has a way of softening the heart and calming an individual’s nervous energy to get her point across and to get the interviewee to clearly define their purpose, their goals, and their ability to be in the place that they are in, at that moment with her. Most importantly looking good and fashionable while doing it. SHE IS THAT.

Debbie Y. Garrett, Producer, Writer, Filmmaker

I met NessyP this spring as I was preparing for my tour in St. Petersburg, FL. She is an amazing light and beautiful spirit. Her interviews are very personable and focused on helping her interviewees grow and expand. Her support has been amazing in helping me to promote my community efforts for my non-profit, my book, and my music.

Erica Janelle Author, Singer, Life Coach

Cranstan Cumberbatch – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer at DreamMakerz Productions