Passion, Patience, and Persistence

Denyse “Nessyp” Crank was raised in Chicago, IL., attended Chicago Public Schools, got married and started a family, and worked in the business administration field for 27 years.

After connecting with high school friends in 2008, she rediscovered her passion for deejaying.  While discovering her own need to express her musical freedom, she started her own radio station, “The Inner Sanctum” on

In 2018, she started doing interviews with Hollywood Connections 106.1 FM. So in 2019, she decided to try her hand at expanding her radio station by networking and interviewing. NessyP Entertainment was born which is now a conduit for emerging artists, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, etc.

She gained recognition partnering with Sunshine City Film Festival, Dunedin Film Festival, Clearwater Jazz Festival and local radio stations which exposed her to indie artists’ music for her station and YouTube channel.

Now that you know her story, let’s tell your story.  Together, let’s share how your Passion, Patience, and  Persistence has made an impact on your dreams.