Nessyp Interviews


Nessyp with Katt Hefner

Nessyp and Ms. Katt Hefner - Side Door Interview After The Show.

Nessyp & Hampton Allen

Nessyp with Hampton Allen at Clearwater Jazz Festival 2018

Nessyp with Shreco Bakari

Nessyp with Shreco Bakari at Sunshine City Film Festival 2019

Nessyp & QC The Entertainer (R.I.P.)

Nessyp & QC The Entertainer.  R.I.P.

T.A.G. - TampaBay Actors Guild


About T.A.G. - TampaBay Actors Guild

An Industry professional social networking organization that specializes in making instant connections in the film industry.

T.A.G. is a entertainment professional networking organization founded by Cranstan Cumberbatch & Jabbar Edmonds designed to help create an alternative social outlet to bridge the gap for actors, actresses, directors, producers, writers, investors, stage and film crew specialist, set designers, hair & makeup artist, recording artist, photographers, videographers, Sound and lighting technicians, musicians, music producers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists, of the Tampa Bay Area to network and streamline the process of getting what you need to complete projects, gain more experience, get more exposure, learn more about the business, and more importantly... meet like minded individuals who want the same thing as you-get work done!


See below interviews of T.A.G. members and guests by Nessyp of Nessyp Entertainment.

Nessyp with Cranstan Cumberbatch

Nessyp with Cranstan Cumberbatch att T.A.G. 

Nessyp & Jus Henry

Nessyp & Jus Henry T.A.G. 5-22-19

Nessyp & Blue Feliu

Nessyp & Blue Feliu T.A.G. 5-22-19

Nessyp & Amy Rose

Nessyp & Amy Rose T.A.G. 5-22-19

Live Art/Live Performances/Live Creating

About Create N' Chill

 Create N’Chill presented by your favorite Geminis "Telicia Da Poet and Pretty Dope Artistry"  Located off  Waters Ave down from Lowry Park Zoo.  "Create N'Chill is an open environment for creativity and collaboration.Creators are inspired in an inspiring space with other creatives. To be in this space is to manifest art in all forms.Bring your art, bring you, network and be in the moment. LETS CO-CREATE!!  Performances every week ranging from painters, singers, poets and musicians  FULL BAR, HOOKAHS, and FOOD 


 See below interviews of Create N' Chill  guests by Nessyp of Nessyp Entertainment. 

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Nessyp & Telicia Davis

Create N Chill 5-15-19

Nessyp & Danyelle Johnson aka Pretty Dope

Nessyp & Danyelle Johnson aka Pretty Dope 5-15-19

Nessyp & Rich Gill

Nessyp & Rich Gill 5-15-19

Nessyp & Amy Rose

Nessyp & Amy Rose 5-15-19

Velvet Productions


VELVET PRODUCTIONS is all about finding and developing great talent and then getting that talent out to the public where it can be heard and experienced!
We also work with seasoned and experienced musicians looking for a venue or a platform to show what they can do.

VELVET PRODUCTIONS also keys in to those new, inexperienced and inspiring artists who have talent and don’t know it yet-diamonds in the rough!  Those who are serious about their passion for music...and have morals, ethics and are not afraid of hard work, contact us!

Velvet Productions is also a boutique entertainment, production, and design firm based in Tampa, Florida.  We offer new, aspiring, and upcoming musicians/artists complete and comprehensive solutions to assist with the development and marketing of their talent and gifts. We also specialize in the planning, development, design, and delivery of custom entertainment events throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Velvet Productions is also home to QUEEN VELVET and KING VELVET brand of clothing (Velvet Williams' Fashion Collection) launched officially in 2016.  Velvet Productions is committed to finding and developing great talent, as well as nurturing the growth and success of seasoned and  experienced artists who are looking for a venue and platform to showcase their talents. Velvet Productions is also seeking out  inexperienced and aspiring artists (diamonds in the rough) who possess the passion and dedication to succeed in the music and entertainment industry. 

If you're looking for an experienced partner to help advance your career; look no further.  We look forward to exploring opportunities by which we can enrich your life.

Videos to come

Nessyp with Velvet Williams

Nessyp with Velvet Williams of Velvet Productions at A Level Up

Nessyp with Derek Changeman Smith

Nessyp with Derek Changeman Smith via Velvet Productions at A Level Up

Nessyp with Ms. B.

Nessyp with Ms. B. via Velvet Productions at A Level Up